The Unexposed Secret of Drain Relining

It’s sort of the doggie version of “cauliflower ear” in boxers (the pugilists, not the canines), whose battered outer ears can become swollen and misshapen, resembling the texture of the vegetable that lent its name to the condition. The overriding challenge is that the hematoma separates the skin from the ear cartilage – sort of like a calzone, to use another food comparison. Some are mainstays that most veterinarians will recognize; others are relatively new approaches that try to maximize the effort to get the skin and cartilage to start talking to each other again, and one has been used as far back as the time of the Pharaohs – on humans, at least. As with the quilting technique, no bandages are necessary, though an Elizabethan collar or other protective device is recommended to make sure the dog does not scratch or shake the ear. Then the incision is stitched up, and more stitches are used in what looks just like a “quilting” technique, with knots on both sides of the ear flap, preventing any part of the ear flap from puffing up with fluid again.

With their technique, a large needle is inserted into the hematoma to empty it, then a vacutainer (a sterile tube that creates a vacuum so blood can be drawn out easily) is attached to the ear using a butterfly catheter. They will not burst – even though by all appearance they look ready to pop – and the dog is left no worse for wear, except for having to endure the discomfort of a large blood blister weighing down her ear. Many small stitches are used so there are no large unstitched areas where the blood can accumulate again. The elements iron, manganese and aluminium are commonly enriched over background levels by volcanic ashfall. This option is ideal if you are unsure of how your eyesight has changed over the years and want to make sure that the progress is normal. Pour it down the drain, and then place the stopper over it. If your home dropped below freezing for some reason then your pipes have likely frozen up and will need to be warmed slowly and carefully to get them flowing again. Do you have any great tips?

Those are 10 quick and easy tips that should help you deal with the most stubborn blockages. Drains in homes, business and commercial properties are used regularly and through no fault of your own, become blocked. The procedure involves opening the hematoma surgically with an incision on the inner flap of the ear running in a wavy line; the incision drains the hematoma. With this approach, the hematoma is opened with an incision on the inner flap of the ear running perpendicular to the ear tip. With a small skin-biopsy punch – which is traditionally used to extract small circles of tissue to be sent to a laboratory for analysis – she makes a series of small staggered holes along the hematoma on the inner surface of the ear flap. An accumulation of blood in the ear flap resulting from a broken blood vessel, hematomas are common in drop-eared breeds like mine, though they occur in dogs of all ear types.

There are a variety of treatment options – including choosing no option at all. If the plunger doesn’t cut it, rubber gloves may be the next option. Some homeowners who cannot put their hands on a plunger or toilet snake may resort to other remedies to unclog a drain. Ava-Mae Read was looking for a drain expert to unblock an outside drain in Werrington, Staffordshire. Newly formed acute hematomas “are more soft and fluid in nature and will drain readily though the biopsy sites, which allows for continued drainage of the hematoma,” she explains. In a retrospective study of 23 dogs with aural hematomas that were treated with this technique between 2006 and 2012, the authors reported that all but two – or more than 90 percent – healed without any deformity to the ear, and none required additional surgery or had a recurrence. Dr. Seibert says the success rate with the negative-pressure drain is similar to treatment with drainage followed by steroid injections, with a recurrence rate of 22 percent. Veterinarians who use only conventional medicine sometimes prescribe steroids such as prednisone to reduce inflammation, though a 2011 review of treatments for aural hematomas in dogs for the Evidence-Based Veterinary Medical Association found the effectiveness of steroids in resolving hematomas and preventing their recurrence to be inconclusive.

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